ScanCom International Donates USD 10,000

The Danish Ambassador to Viet Nam will be present at the donation ceremony, which takes place in Ho Chi Minh City on November 11th.
    ScanCom International and the Danish Vietnamese Friendship Association (DVA) have the pleasure to announce the second consecutive donation of 2 x USD 5,000 by ScanCom International for charity work to support vulnerable children and youth in Viet Nam.
    ScanCom International has decided to spend money, which is normally used for distribution of Christmas gifts, for charity work in Ho Chi Minh City. ScanCom International has decided, again this year, to sponsor work done by Ho Chi Minh City Child Welfare Foundation (HCWF) also supported by the national collection under DVA “Vietnam’s Children – support for vulnerable children and youth in Viet Nam”.
    The collection primarily supports the Little Rose Warm Shelter (LRWS) and the Green Bamboo Warm Shelter (GBWS). LRWS is a shelter accommodating up to 25 sexually abused girls at a time. GBWS is a shelter for up to 25 boys living on the streets in HCMC. Both shelters help children to escape life on the streets and rebuild their lives. If possible, this happens through family re-union. If this is not possible the shelters offer a full rehabilitation programme including lodging, psychological rehabilitation, schooling and/or vocational training for the children.
    LRWS currently receives financial support from Danida through its cooperation with DVA and GBWS receives financial support through the NGO-scheme administered by the Danish Embassy in Viet Nam. The donation from ScanCom International not only contributes to the fundraising goals of DVA and HCWF it also helps secure full financing of the two shelters. The donations show-case how Vietnamese NGOs, international NGOs and the Danish business community in Viet Nam can cooperate to the benefit of disadvantaged groups in Vietnamese society, who do not benefit from the current economic growth.
    Over the past 13 years ScanCom International has grown to become one of the worlds’ biggest producers of outdoor furniture. ScanCom International has 5,400 employees and indirectly provides work for ca. 25,000 employees of the 38 sub-contractors of ScanCom International in Viet Nam. This makes ScanCom International the biggest Danish company in Viet Nam and one of the largest suppliers of outdoor furniture in the world.
    ScanCom International is managed from the headquarters in Viet Nam, where most of the production is placed. In addition, ScanCom International runs factories in Indonesia and Brazil.

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