SAS to Waiting Tourists: “Get Some Sleep in the City”

By Rikke Bjerge Johansen, Annelene Højvang Larsen

The SAS passengers, who are stuck at Bangkok Airport, have been waiting at the check-in counters for information on their cancelled flights and the present situation.
ScandAsia’s reporter Gregers Moller is at the spot:
“There are around 200 Danish tourists at the airport and at the SAS check-in people are now beginning to get tired, and at the luggage rails people are lying down to get some sleep.”
The staff from all the different airlines have been evacuated, and there has been no one to give information to the many tourists.
Gregers Moller is reporting that SAS however as the only airline got their Director and General Manager for SAS in Southeast Asia, Haakan Olsson at the airport, where he arrived at 00.40 local time to inform the waiting and worried tourists.
“I don’t know when we’ll have flights again. I am saying don’t stay in the airport tonight, but go downtown to find a hotel. Let’s see the claim later,” Haakan Olsson says.
All the passengers from other airlines have gathered around him to receive some information since he is the only one with some information.
“I want you to know it is not the airline’s fault, but the airline authorities, who have told our staff to go home,” he adds.
Many of the waiting guests have already gone to Bangkok downtown to find a hotel. However, around 40 SAS tourists are still left and SAS has made sure that they are not going to sleep at the airport.
“They can now on SAS’ expense spend the night at Rembrandt Hotel in Bangkok,” Gregers Moller says.  
Haakon Olsson also asked for the tourists’ boarding passes so they can be informed when their flight is ready to take off.

In addition Lars Sandahl Sorensen, CEO of SAS International, arrived at the airport. He agreed in what Haakon Olsson just said.  “Please go to the city, we’ll take care of you. I’m happy that we fought our way to get here since you will not get any information from anyone else.”
Lars Sandahl Soerensen is only in Thailand because of the royal visit, but has additional tasks now.

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