Indonesia To Sign Cluster Bomb Ban In Oslo

The Indonesian government will participate in the signing of Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM) during a conference from December 1-4, 2008 in Oslo, Norway, in a bid to support world peace.
    Defense Minister Juwono Sudarsono in a text message service from Oslo to ANTARA here on Tuesday said Indonesia and other countries had an interest in the ratification of CCM.
    “It is in Indonesia`s interest to promote world peace. Otherwise our troop in Garuda contingent in South Lebanon will face the danger of Israeli-made cluster munition,” Juwono Sudarsono said.
    The Convention on Cluster Munitions, set for signing in Oslo on December 3, 2008, was negotiated in Dublin in May 2008 and unanimously adopted by 107 countries, including most of the world`s producers and stockpilers of the weapons.
    It comprehensively bans all use, production, and trade of cluster munitions, and requires clearance of contaminated areas within ten years. It also has groundbreaking provisions requiring assistance to cluster munition victims.

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