Swedish Alumni And Friends

The Embassy invites all Swedish alumni and friends to join the Embassy’s efforts to promote Sweden in Vietnam.
   Sweden is proud to have been  the first Western country who established  diplomatic relations with Vietnam on January 11, 1969. Since then, Sweden has provided its support and assistance to Vietnam in various projects and programmes in many areas. 
   Capacity building is one of the key components in Sweden’s development cooperation in Vietnam. Each year, some 80 participants from different sectors in Vietnam are selected to take part in many short-term international training programmes funded by Sweden.
   In addition, every year, more and more Vietnamese students applied for university study and post graduate study in Sweden, which is far in geographical distance but close at heart for the Vietnamese people.
   The Embassy of Sweden in Hanoi is now preparing to celebrate the Anniversary of  40 years of diplomatic relations between our two countries with various activities to promote cultural exchanges as well as trade, investment, tourism, and partner – driven cooperation in areas of human rights, democracy, environment and climate change.
   The Embassy now invite Swedish alumni and friends to join the Embassy’s efforts to promote Sweden in Vietnam. You are all the ambassadors for further deepening and broadening the relations between the two countries.
   The Embassy plans to organise the first get-together of Swedish alumni and friends some time during the celebration year of 2009. To ensure the success of the event, the Embassy kindly asks all Swedish alumni and friends to spread the news and register their names, addresses (telephone number and email address) and some short information of the courses they attended in Sweden.
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