Exhibition By Artistic Idea Designers

An artistic exhibition called “What’s equality” by a group of curators is now at 42 Yet Kieu, Hanoi until December 26, 2008.
    After nine months working together, eight pairs of artists – curators created 10 artworks of various genres, from installation to paintings and video art, all focusing on a topic: gender equality.
    Painter Pham Thanh Nga, whose artwork is on display at this exhibition, said the direct exchange of ideas between curators and artists brought new ideas for her.
    “At the beginning, I planed to create an installation artwork but after the discussion with the curator, I changed my mind to draw a lacquer painting,” Nga said.
    Painter Lai Thi Dieu Ha cooperated with curator Tran Hau Yen The to make a video art called “Pressure.” Based on the idea of the famous female poet Ho Xuan Huong’s “Floating Cake” poem, the video art recommends gender equality.
    According Vietnamese Swedish artist Van Duong Thanh, this is a good signal for Vietnam’s art circle. The Chairman of the Vietnamese Art Association, Tran Khanh Chuong, agreed with Thanh. He said curators mainly serve private exhibitions. Big events are organized by the State Art Council.
    “Big artists often seek their own ways to bring their artworks to people, not depend themselves on curators. For survival, curators, first of all, must be big artists, otherwise their role would not be useful in museums,” Chuong said


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