Norwegian Charged for Attempt of Murder

According to the Head of Police in Angeles, Rene Aspe, the Filipino woman, 35, has explained that the Norwegian male, 50, tried to kill her while she was visiting him to do his house work. 
The Norwegian claims that the woman is trying to blackmail him for money.
The Filipino press reveals that criminal syndicates in Angeles have specialised in exploit tourists this way. Even so the Norwegian is in custody in Angeles at the Philippines. He is charged for attempt of murder. He did not resist the arrest.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Norway has not been informed about the incident, but will look further into the case.
“We have asked the Norwegian Embassy in Manila to look into the case. So far we haven’t heard anything,” Press employee Anders Rikter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says.
The Norwegian stayed in the Philippines on a tourist visa and lived temporarily in Barangay Malabanias in the city Angeles. The attempt of murder should apparently have taken place at his home.
He is said to have invited the woman over to clean his place late Tuesday January 13 2009. The woman says she fled from his house, when he tried to stab her with a knife.
Further information about the circumstances of the accused attempt of murder are unknown.

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