Sweden Promoted Through Movies in Malaysia

Sweden, which is considered one of the leading producers of films involving children, will use children’s movies to promote the country among Malaysians by arranging a Swedish film festival in Malaysia.
Swedish Ambassador to Malaysia Helena Sangeland states that movies are a good way to expose the real lives of our people to other countries

“The film industry is clearly excellent tool to promote tourism and local products, such as places of interest to visit and introduce the multi-cultural country to the local and international audience. Although it is not the main purpose of making movies, it will make the world understand our local norms, culture, society and community through shots and plots in the films” she says.
The five-day festival is organised by the Swedish Embassy in collaboration with the Asia-Europe Institute and the Swedish Institute in Stockholm at the Auditorium Asia-Europe Institute, University of Malaysia. Five films will be screened during the festival. They are, ‘That Special Summer’, ‘The Black Pimpernel’, ‘God Save The King’, ‘Falkenberg Farewell’ and ‘The Arm-wrestler from Solitude’.

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