INTEX Plans Philippines Biggest Fertilizer Plant.

Norway-based Intex Resources Phils., Inc. plans to produce ammonium fertilizer totaling to 200,000 metric tons yearly as a by-product in its nickel production. The company will help displace Philippines fertilizer import (which from January to November 2008 reached to $ 524.02 million. Of this import, $ 182.1 million consisted of urea fertilizer). The greater bulk of $ 341 million was non-urea fertilizer which IRP’s ammonium fertilizer will help substitute.

“The project has been reconfigured to become not only the Philippines largest and most modern nickel plant with a target production of 40,000 tons per annum of nickel metal but also its largest fertilizer plant,” said Lawyer Leo Cleto Gamolo, IRP president, in a statement.

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