More and More Norwegians Studies in Bali

An increasing number of Norwegian students travel to Bali as a part of their education.

“As Norwegian ambassador, I am pleased with this development. It adds a new dimension between the two countries and further strengthens our bilateral relations. Student networks between the two countries are now more established, knowledge about each nation has expanded and tourism has increased in both directions”, says the Norwegian Ambassador to Indonesia Eivind S. Homme at the inaugural Bali-Norway Friendship Day at the Canggu Club in Canggu, Badung regency. Around 500 students, teachers and guests attended the event.

Nearly 8,000 Norwegians have visited Bali on vacation in the past, with around 800 students studying and traveling in Bali last year alone.

“Hopefully, the number will increase to 1,000 students next yearI really hope these students bring this Balinese friendliness back to our home country, spread the news and invite more Norwegians to visit this island,” he stated, adding that Norway has built three educational institutions in Bali: Gateway College (1992), Go Study College (1999) and Kultur Akademiet (2008).  

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