Vietnam about to beat Sweden in producing the best cholera vaccine

The Vaccine and Bio-medical Product Company 1 and the International Vaccine Institute have introduced a new kind of cholera vaccine with 90% efficacy. This product is now being called as the best of its kind in the world by experts. Notably, the Vaccine and Bio-medical Product Company 1 can produce the new vaccine using existing cholera vaccine production lines, which will keep the price reasonable. At present, only Sweden produces cholera vaccine with an immunisation success rate of nearly 90%. However, the price is very high, $10 per dose.
Right after Vietnam announced its success in producing the new vaccine, it transferred the technology to India, which is facing a threat of cholera. To counter the spread of acute diarrhea in Vietnam, the Vaccine and Bio-medical Product Company 1 will provide the first batch of new vaccine in late May 2009. The company’s director, Prof. Ph.D Nguyen Thu Van, said they can produce 10 million doses of vaccine per year to serve the local market.
The current vaccine has efficacy of only 66%. To raise the immunisation success rate to 90%, scientists produced the vaccine based on the concentration of specific antigen, instead of the volume of bacterium as in the current vaccine. The current vaccine used in the world has a trace residue of vibrio cholerae bacterium. The new product has no such residues, ensuring the highest safety for users.

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