Kimball Assembles Electronic Pumps for Grundfos

Kimball Electronics Group, Inc., a subsidiary of Kimball International, Inc., has signed a long-term partnership agreement to manufacture electrical devices for Grundfos. The long-term agreement was awarded for assemblies that will be used in energy saving pumps and pump systems throughout the North American, European and Asian markets.
Grundfos is committed to development of sustainable solutions and was a pioneer in the introduction and launch of A-labeled circulator pumps which reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Kimball Electronics Group (KEG) is a global contract EMS company that specializes in durable electronics with applications in the medical, automotive, industrial controls and public safety industries.
“We have an ability to make a difference to this planet and society by contributing to solving serious environmental problems,” said Hans Verner Mohr, Director of Electronics Sourcing, Grundfos Group. “As leaders in technology and innovative thinking, we seek to apply new technologies to meet real needs. We are delighted that Kimball shares our vision and values.”
Don Charron, President, Kimball Electronics Group, stated, “We are honored to be chosen as the strategic manufacturing partner for Grundfos, and to have earned the opportunity this brings for growth and cooperation in addressing significant environmental issues and improving quality of life for people around the world.”
Kimball’s performance culture and quality record in the industrial market combined with its global footprint of operations enabled the company to secure this program award from Grundfos. Team members from Grundfos toured the Kimball manufacturing facilities in Thailand, Poland and southern Indiana, as they assessed Kimball’s abilities to transfer production across operations and continents. Ultimately, Grundfos was impressed with KEG’s package of value and demonstrated proven ability to provide a common and consistent working experience and excellent support, regardless of location. Grundfos will eventually utilize the expanse of Kimball’s global footprint of operations, as the company manufactures its products within the regional markets where they are sold.
Prototype activity will likely begin later this calendar year or the beginning of next year, with initial production to start during 2010. Initial production is scheduled for the Kimball Electronics-Poland facility. Incremental volume growth over the coming years has the potential to spread production to other Kimball operations in Asia and North America


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