Danisco expands with xanthan gum

Danisco enters into a joint venture with one of the largest xanthan gum suppliers in China, the Henan Tianguan group. Xanthan is used in the food industry as a stabilising agent in salad dressing, sauces, beverages, mayonnaise, ketchup, bakery products and dairy desserts.
      The joint venture will be named Danisco Tianguan (Nanyang) Co., Ltd. gives Danisco 80 per cent of the shares in the xanthan production of the Chinese company. With the joint venture, the plant will target the international food markets.
      “Xanthan gum is a new product in Danisco´s product portfolio. As part of our growth strategy, we will be able to produce high quality xanthan and sell it at competitive prices to both internal and external customers,” says Alf Duch-Pedersen, CEO at Danisco.

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