Naked Norwegian arrested in Pattaya

On the 15 May, Pol.Lt.Col. Sawai Ong-art, Pattaya Police Investigator [Dong Tan Branch] was notified that a foreigner had taken off his clothes, was standing on the second-floor balcony of Thai Sweet Inn, Somprasong Plaza, Jomtien Beach Road, apparently intending to jump off the building. Police rushed to the scene with the Sawang Boriboon Rescue team.
At the incident location, police found a Norwegian man somewhat intoxicated from having ingested drugs. He was standing stark naked on the balcony, with his palms together, prayer-like, chanting an indecipherable mantra, apparently to God.  The police made their way to his room, and whilst the officer tried to convince him to come back into the room and one of the rescuers managed to get close enough to subdue him and get him inside. He was still in a very agitated state and refused to put any clothes on, instead he fled down stairs, still naked, with police and emergency officers in hot pursuit. He was eventually apprehended, taken to the police station.


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