DanChurchAid: Cambodian women trapped in violent marriages

According to DanChurchAid Domestic violence occurs frequently in Cambodia. And a combination of customs and culture continue to prolong violence against women. This is the conclusion in a new report from the Danish NGO on domestic violence in Cambodia, where several Cambodian women are being interviewed for the report on domestic violence.
The aim of the report is to convey an idea of the perceptions of domestic violence and resolution of domestic violence at the community level. In interviewing over 300 people in five very different communities, impressions reflecting actual realities of the different kinds of domestic violence and resolution processes that exist in these communities are presented.
The report “Out of Court Resolutions of Violence against Women” has been written as a part of the project “Ending violence against Women”. The campaign began in Cambodia in 2007. The project is supported by DanChurchAid over a period of three years.

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