Danish Pressalit Looks Towards South East Asia

While the financial crisis is still damaging sales and earnings of Pressalit Group A / S, the group domiciled in Ry strikes back offensively and opens its first production of plastic toilet seats outside Denmark. It happens next year in the Far East, probably in Thailand. The new factory will be a platform for growth in the region.

“The decision to establish Pressalit in the Far East had come, whether we have had financial crisis or not. We have already a very global company but our growth is limited by the fact that we only have production in Europe, which is an established market. We are too far from Asia today. It takes six weeks to send products to customers out there, and then there are the costs of it, “says Dan Boyter, Vice Managing Director of Pressalit Group.

New investments on demand

The two-digit million investment happens on a direct request from Pressalit’s largest single customer, the German medical giant Villeroy & Boch, which wanted its suppliers from Europe to Asia, and to Pressalit there are at the same time more potential customers to go after in the region.
“It is a strategic decision that must be viewed in a longer perspective and it opens many opportunities. We will also through free trade agreements have access to new customers in Australia for example,” says Dan Boyter.


The company was originally established by Mogens Boyter and today it’s owned by other members of the Boyter family.

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