Danish Owned Online Computer Store Hits Thailand

Two Danish guys, Thomas Skyum and Christian Bjerrum Hansen now kick start a new ambitious project in Thailand, the online computer store, invadeIT. The company aims to be the leading online computer store in Thailand within 3 years, pr.com reports.

Behind invadeIT are the two computer experts from Denmark and a team of local staff. Together they bring a versatile spectrum of experience such as software engineering, retail store management, web development, computer technician, eCommerce development and more.


Confident entrepreneurs

There are already numerous computer web shops available in Thailand. However the people behind invadeIT are certain that they can take on the competitors:

“There are many computer webshops out here, but very few of them look like a place I would actually like to purchase anything from” explains Thomas Skyum, Chief Technical Officer of invadeIT, and continues:

“Of course there are cultural differences, and it’s a matter of individual taste but the web shops I used to buy from in Europe all looked very professional and invited me to shop from them. We hope to be able to appear as a shop like that. However we have a challenge on hand since we aim both at expats and locals, so our design must appeal to both groups.”

The web shop has undergone extensive user experience testing using both expats and Thai nationals, and changes have been made to accommodate the needs for both groups.


Growing markets

During the last 10 years online shops have taken over more than 90% of the computer sales in Europe and USA, but that is still far from the case in Thailand. In Thailand there are several reasons why online sales have not yet grown to be as popular as it is elsewhere. The main reason is probably that still a relatively small part of the population has access to the internet; another reason is that there are still some trust issues with paying online. However the broadband is rapidly becoming more and more common, so the market grows steadily every day.

invadeIT works together with all the major distributors in Thailand, and can therefore offer all major brands for sale in the shop. If the product you are looking for is not to be found on the site invadeIT encourages you to contact them so they can assist you.

“We stride towards being able to deliver all products within the field of computers, if you have a special request we will do what it takes to be able to get a hold of the desired product,” says Christian Bjerrum Hansen,”Chief Operational Officer of invadeIT.

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