New Energy and Environment Partnership in Mekong Open for Proposals

The Energy and Environment Partnership (EEP) Mekong (2009-2012) aims at supporting wider provision and use of renewable energy by facilitating renewable energy and energy efficiency related cooperation, dialogue and experience sharing among different public and private sector stakeholders.
This will be done by providing funding for projects, studies, capacity development and information sharing. EEP is demand-driven programme.
Projects are expected to:

  • increase availability of and access to RE service and RET in rural areas, targeting especially rural poor, ethnic minorities and women.

  • increase development of and investment in RE energy and RE technology project development and investment in energy efficiency and waste-to-energy

  • improve knowledge base and tools to support RE project development and policy and legislative framework development

  • improve access to information and funding for development or RE and RET

First call for proposals is now open until 31.12.2009
The EEP contribution is principally aimed to supplement applicants own funding. It may cover up to 100% of the total cost of the project. Project Developer co-funding contributions will affect positively on the approval of the projects proposals. The EEP contribution to the project could be maximum 500 000 euros, depending on the type of the project. The funding for the programme – EUR 7.9 million is provided by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and Nordic Development Fund (NDF).
Initiatives to promote sustainable use of renewable energy might come from all partners including NGOs, companies, public and private initiatives, research centers and consulting companies. The initiatives shall conform with the Partnership’s five main components described in the Project Document (PRODOC). To enhance technology transfer, cooperation between donor countries and local project developers is encouraged.

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