Danish Christmas Party Successfully Accomplished in Singapore

More than 100 guests had a festive experience under the pavilions in the garden at Danish Seamen’s Church. Line Klitgaard from DABS were among the guests, and after the event she was very satisfied:

“As always we had a lovely day in the attractive surroundings of the beautiful old buildings in the garden. We were around 100, as usual, and the entire trajectory went by in cosy atmosphere. It was all in all a fantastic day with happy people who wished each other a Merry Christmas,” she says.


Risalamande without almonds?

The day’s menu consisted of course of the traditional Danish Christmas menu, and after the many heavy dishes traditionally risalamande with almond were served. The guest thought at least – for the almond was never found, and therefore next year’s lucky almond winner can look forward to two gifts to sweeten the festive season with.

The past 12 years DABS has elected the Christmas Elf of the Year (Årets Julenisse). The winner of this title was the Danish Supplementary School and it was a proud chairman of the school, Tina Falther, which was handed over the price from the Christmas party toastmaster Henry Ziegler.

Ib Søby held as last year a quiz, where the tables were fighting against each other. Winner of the year was here – just like last year, Bo Christensen, so congratulations to him.


DABS sends their Christmas greetings and warm thanks to their sponsors, which again this year made the event possibly.

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