Keep Away From Big Demonstrations in Bangkok

UPDATE: There has been giving notice of big demonstrations in Bangkok in the middle of March, especially on the 14th of March. The demonstrations were postponed from the end of February.

The demonstrations are concerned about Supreme Court’s ruling in a controversial case concerning former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s financial assets.

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns against big demonstrations in Thailand in the second half of February, and probably in the beginning of March. According the Ministry of Foreign Affairs there is most likely to be big demonstrations at the 20th and 26th of February.
The demonstrations will cover most of central Bangkok, and they are most likely to be concentrated around government-, police-, and police headquarters. But it is also possible, according to the official travel guidance, that the international airport Suvarnabhumi will be included.

Keep away
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advices all travellers to keep away from the demonstrations, and to follow the development in the media. The travel guidance says that travellers in general should pay attention to the risk of violent clashes in the areas at and close the demonstrations.
Official travel guidance from The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

Travel guidance
The Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian Embassy in Thailand has a similar warnings on their web sites.
Sweden, Finland and Denmark have updated their advice since late February.

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