Thai Woman Falls from Norwegian Tourists Pattaya Apartment

Just after 10pm on Wednesday, Police and Rescue Services made their way to the Center Condotel located off the South Pattaya Road to investigate the death of a Thai Woman who had apparently fallen from a 6th floor window.

The body of Khun Lamoot aged 44 was found slumped over motorbikes parked on the ground floor, directly under the room and had fallen through a flat roof over the car park area. It was determined she had fallen from a room which was found to be occupied by a 56 year old Norwegian man.

He took some time to eventually open the front door and allowed Police inside who saw that he was heavily intoxicated and had a black eye which indicated he had recently been involved in a fight.

A neighbour indicated that he had heard the man shouting moments before the woman fell but also revealed that he did not hear the woman shouting back at any point.

The Norwegian revealed that he had met the victim at Walking Street and the pair went for dinner and then back to his room. Just before 10pm he claimed he left the room to buy some more food and when he arrived back at the room, she had already jumped.

He did not indicate that the pair had entered into a verbal or physical argument earlier in the night which was heard by his neighbour. Police do not believe his version of events and he was taken to Pattaya Police Station for further questioning. PattayaOne understand that he has not been charged with any offence for now.

UPDATE 29-4-2010
Thai TV Channel 3 reports that the case is being investigated by the police. The relatives of the Thai woman does not belive it was suicide. And a police officer tells Channel 3 that the Norwegian man’s Thai wife asked him to conclude in his report that it was a suicide.

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