400-500 Danes Left Stranded in Bangkok

In this week Thai Airways will try to get the all the left stranded Danes on a plane to Denmark, reports Politiken.

Danes left stranded in Bangkok due to the volcanic ash cloud from Iceland have to be patient. It is the airline company Thai Airways which still has up till 500 Danes in Bangkok, and they hope everyone will be back in Denmark within this week:

“If nothing new happens I hope all our customers will be home within one week. But it is very difficult to give any guarantees when it concern such a big number of people,” says sales director at Thai Airways Denmark, Flemming Sonne, to Politiken.

Extra Thai Airways Flights to Germany and England
While hundreds of Danes still are in Bangkok, Thai Airways are operating extra flights to Germany and England according to Thai Airways’ website.

Thai Airways plans to operate extra flights for stranded passengers from Bangkok to Europe 26/27APR with the following schedules:
Bangkok – Frankfurt    26 April  Dep.  10:30 hrs     Arr. Frankfurt 26 April 16:45 hrs
Frankfurt – Bangkok    26 April  Dep.  18:20 hrs     Arr. Bangkok  27 April 10:00 hrs

Bangkok – London       27 April  Dep.  02:10 hrs    Arr. London 27 April 08:15 hrs
London – Bangkok       27 April  Dep. 11:30 hrs     Arr. Bangkok 28 April 06:06 hrs

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