Swede Arrested for Drug Possession in Pattaya

In a news conference, Police Colonel Krita Tankanard announced that a 41 year old foreign man and his 22 year old girlfriend have been arrested. The couple is suspected of being part of a gang involved with drug trafficking.

The accused are Mr. Henrik Christian Koch from Sweden and Ms. Paveena Srimuang, who is from Thailand. They were arrested at the Four Seasons Hotel in Pattaya and Mr. Koch explained that all the items found in the room, including some dildos, belonged to him. He then tried to offer the police one million Baht for letting him go even though he only had 500,000 Baht in his possession.

The Swede is suspected of being part of a gang importing and distributing heroin, amphetamine E, and K to foreigners in Pattaya, including selling on the Walking Street. He is further charged with attempt to bribe a police officer on duty.

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