Suspected Swedish Paedophile Demands Compensation

In June 2007, a 28 year old Swedish camp leader was suspected to have secretly filmed naked boys in the sauna at Gräddö summer camp. However, before his case was tried by the court, he fled the country and moved to Thailand. Now the case has expired and the man demands 220,000 kroner in compensation damages.

Filmed in the sauna
The incident occurred one evening when some of the kids had gone into the sauna. In the dressing room, the camp leader had provided the boys with chips, drinks, and music, which came from the 28 year olds laptop.

Incorporated in the computer, however, was also a wireless web camera, which filmed the naked boys in the sauna. Friends of the boys in the sauna later discovered the real time images that appeared on a screen outside.

But the case never went to court because the man went to Thailand, where he stayed for several years. The case has now expired and the man calls for 220,000 kroner in compensation for suffering, degrading treatment, and lost income, reports Swedish Metro.

May be entitled to compensation
Daniel Stewart, Head of Division of the Attorney-General, said that the man is entitled to compensation if the court finds that the state has done wrong.

“If, however, the accused has contributed to the limitation period, the compensation may be reduced,” he says.

The Attorney-General will now consider the claims.

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