64 year old Dane dies after falling through a roof in Thailand

View over Jomtien. Photo: Sergey Zhaffsky @ WikiCommons

View over Jomtien. Photo: Sergey Zhaffsky @ WikiCommons

Helping a friend fixing his roof had fatal consequences for a 64 year old Dane on Thursday the 18th September.

According to local Thai media, Pattaya One, the former construction worker fell through the roof of a Na-Jomtien guesthouse owned by one of his friends.

According to Pattaya One the diseased had originally tried to call someone else to check the roof, but when the man he had called failed to show up the Dane went to check the roof himself.

When crashing through the roof and into the apartment beneath he cut his leg and neck and is said to have been unconscious, until he stopped breathing.

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