Denmark Celebrated Guest Number One Million in Shanghai

31 year-old Long Zhou, his wife Feng Hong and their 3 year-old son Peng from Jiangsu province had chosen Saturday 5 June to visit EXPO in Shanghai. They started the day by visiting the Ireland and Turkey Pavilion, and walking through the Europe area little Peng saw the bikes in the Denmark Pavilion and the family decided to pay a visit.

Long Zhou said that walking through the Denmark Pavilion was like being in the middle of a fairytale and he was very impressed by the architecture.

Seeing the Little Mermaid in the Denmark Pavilion was also a great experience. Like many other Chinese the Jiang family is familiar with the Little Mermaid and the fairytales of H.C. Andersen’s. The one fairytale they favor the most is “The Little Match Girl”, which has always been very popular in China.

In general, the Jiang family was very content with EXPO and the message of sustainability and care for the environment, which they found was of great importance. They were very eager to experience more of EXPO including the China Pavilion and the Jiangsu Province Pavilion before returning home in the evening.

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