Thai PM Offers Promise of Early Election

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has told participants and media at the World Economic Forum on East Asia here that if Thailand pursues its reconciliation plans, elections could be held in the country sooner than later.

“If we pursue the reconciliation plan, if we get good cooperation, especially from people in the opposition, I think we could look at elections sooner rather than later,” the Bangkok Post quoted Vejjajiva, as saying on the sidelines of the meeting.

The demand for early elections is one of the focal points of months of anti-government protests, which ended last month.

The government’s tenure is due to end at the end of next year.

His Majesty the King yesterday endorsed the appointment of eight new ministers and deputy ministers proposed by Vejjajiva.

They will take an oath before His Majesty at Siriraj Hospital today.

The new cabinet line-up, which includes members of the Matubhum Party, gives Vejjajiva a comfortable majority in parliament as the coalition parties will now have about 265 votes in the 475-seat lower house.

Vejjajiva said during his weekly address yesterday the government needed a strong majority in the House to move its policies forward.


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