China Says BrahmAputra Canyon Ready for World Visitors

The Tibetan autonomous government will work with local tourist companies investing huge amounts of money to further develop the Brahmaputra Grand Canyon tourist area into a world-class top tourist spot, Xinhua News reports.

In 2010, rail and water lines opened for tourists to get into the Brahmaputra Grand Canyon.

The water line would allow sightseers to experience nature through magical scenes of Mount Namjagbarwa, Niyang river and Brahmaputra, and the rail line would enable tourists to see the evolvement of biological gene pool, said Liu Jianyun, vice executive of Brahmaputra tour company.

Considering the unique geographical feature of Brahmaputra’s “big-V-turn,” the tour company will invest in this area, making it a walking tour site.

The Brahmaputra Grand Canyon was appointed in 2007, along with Potala Palace and Mount Qomolangma, as a world-class tourist site in Tibet autonomous region.

It is estimated that by 2013, the reception capacity in this area will reach 300,000.


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