C2SAT Signs Distribution Agreement with VMPC

The Swedish company C2SAT is making a mark on a global scale. It already has a subsidiary in Singapore and a Business Supporting Office in Shanghai. Now the antenna producing company has signed an agreement with Vien Dong Marine & Petrol Engineering Joint Stock Company (VMPC) giving the Vietnamese company non-exclusive rights to distribute, service, and install C2SAT products in Vietnam.

“We have taken some interest in the Vietnamese market for quite some time now, and now found a suitable partner to engage, distribute and service the C2SAT products in Vietnam. I see a lot of very good opportunities for our VSAT antenna product range, especially in the local Oil & Gas Offshore markets. Together with our new partner VMPC we now have the ability to address a new market for C2SAT,” says Norbert Hentschel, CEO of C2SAT Asia Pacific.

And VMPC is a good partner to have. The company has great experience with the installation, reparation, and maintenance of equipment in the Marine and Offshore industry. With head office in Ho Chi Minh, a subsidiary office in Hanoi, and representative office in Vung Tau and Hai Phong, Vien Dong are able to approach suppliers for many shipyards and offshore suppliers in Vietnam and promote the C2SAT products. These include innovative 4-axes stabilised VSAT antenna systems that provide vessels in motion with on-line two-way satellite broadband communication. The system is protected by a series of global patents. C2SAT holding AB (publ.) is listed on the NGM Stock Exchange with the ticker C2ST and with Mangold as market maker.

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