Norwegian Seafood Master Class

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Every year tons and tons of coldwater fish cross the borders of Norway to be exported to all parts of the world. With exports to 130 countries it is one of the biggest industries of the country totalling more 51 billion NOK in 2012.

In Asia, Norwegian Seafood is also becoming popular because of the high quality of the cold water fish. To further boost the interest, a cooking demonstration using only Norwegian fish had been arranged Monday, March 4. The event was hosted by the Royal Norwegian Embassy, in cooperation with the Norwegian Seafood Council and Innovation Norway.

“Norwegian Salmon is well established in Thailand and can be found in fine hotels, sushi restaurants and retail stores. We still believe that sales can grow further and that it is of great value to show different ways to prepare salmon and inspire Thai chefs and the public to try new salmon dishes,” said Christian Chramer from the Norwegian Seafood Council.

The right man for the job

In posh surroundings on the 25th floor of the Westin Grande Sukhumvit Hotel, tables had been set and turned towards Chef Sven Erik Renaa who was going to showcase fresh Norwegian salmon, halibut and king crab flown in directly from the country. It was dinner and a show revolving Norwegian seafood.

With the amount of experience, Chef Sven Erik Renaa was the right man for the job when it came educate the audience in the quality and usage of the cold water fish. He is a former captain of the Norwegian Olympic team and winner of Best Fish Dish in Bocuse d’ Or in 2007 and when he is not on tour in Asia with “Cirus Renaa” he operates three distinguished restaurants back in Norway.

H.E. the Norwegian Ambassador, Mrs. Katja Nordgaard, opened the event by welcoming the chef and all the guests. In the invitation for the event, the Ambassador wrote that the aim of the demonstration was to increase awareness about the superiority of Norwegian seafood, as well as to educate and inspire local chefs in the use of fresh Norwegian seafood and the chefs present did in fact seem very interested and had kind words for the dishes that followed the demonstration.

Delicious and educating 

While Chef Erik Renaa explained the characteristics of truly fresh fish and displayed different cuts and techniques, his assistant Christopher Davidsen was working in the kitchen preparing the tasting menu for the some 50 guests at the event.

The first dish on the menu was Norwegian salmon tartar with avocado “flying carpet” and vendace roe. Chef Sven Erik Renaa had mentioned during the demonstration that fresh salmon was so good that you should be able to eat it raw and this dish certainly proved his point.

The second dish was raw salmon again and just as delicious. “Warm” salmon sashimi crystallized ginger and sesame, putting a nice Asian touch to the Norwegian fish showing that the two can go hand in hand.

The third and final dish was lightly smoked Norwegian white halibut, Norwegian king crab and oyster “linguini”.

With the final dish being served, stomachs were full but the appetite for Norwegian Seafood had only gotten bigger. As a chef at my table said:

“I enjoyed this. I’m a head chef and even I learned something.”

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