New adoption treaty signed

The negotiations between Sweden and Vietnam on an agreement regarding adoptions were completed the week before Christmas.
     A signing ceremony, were representatives from the two countries took part, was held at the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs in Stockholm. The treaty will later be signed by Sweden’s and Vietnam’s governments.
     “It is very encouraging that we have reached an agreement which regulates how adoptions from Vietnam to Sweden shall be administered,” says Ms Berit Andnor, Minister for Children and families. ”Most of all for the many couples who wait to adopt a child from Vietnam, but also for the many children in Vietnamese orphanages.”
     Negotiations for the new agreement began as Vietnam changed its laws concerning adoptions, after fraud and irregularities regarding international adoptions were revealed in the late 1990’s.
     Sweden is the fifth country to sign a new adoption treaty with Vietnam since adoptions were stopped pending the new laws. Some 1400 children and young, adopted from Vietnam, live in Sweden.

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