Norwegian Tourist in Pattaya Remains a Suspect

Eight weeks after the tragic dead of a Thai woman, the Pattaya Police still hasn’t made their mind up about indicting of the Norwegian tourist Sven Verner Edvardsen.

The Norwegian is a suspect to the police investigation after the 44 years old Thai woman was found dead on the street on 22 April, probably after falling from a balcony in a 17-storey apartment complex where the man lives north.

The body of Khun Lamoot was found slumped over motorbikes parking on the ground floor, directly under the room and had fallen through a flat roof over the car park area. It was determined that she had fallen from room number 212 where was occupied by Sven Verner Edvardsen. 

A neighbour indicated that he had heard Mr. Edvardsen shouting moments before the woman fell but also revealed that he did not hear the woman shouting back at any point. Mr. Edvardsen revealed that he had met the victim at Walking Street and the pair went for dinner and then back to his room.

According to Thai media, the Norwegian admitted having quarrel with the woman in the apartment, but claimed that he then locked into the bedroom to sleep and was unfamiliar with her death before the police knocked on the door.

The man said his passport has been deprived and pending by the police if any further investigation into the death.

Eight weeks later, the situation remains unresolved. 

“After far as the Norwegian Foreign Ministry is aware the Thai police have not yet taken a position on the current Norwegian citizen will be indicted or not”, says spokesperson Bjorn Svenungsen Communications from the Norwegian Ministry of foreign affairs to

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