Swedish Father Charged for Crimes Against Radiation Law

A Swedish family was on their way to Thailand when the staff at the security checkpoint at the airport in Sweden found a green laser-pointer in their son’s hand luggage. Since then the family has been in big trouble just because they brought the laser-pointer to Thailand.

What they didn’t know, is that since February 1, 2009, there has been a ban on powerful laser pointers in public places and on school grounds. The prohibition applies to lasers with output of more than 5 milliwatts. And the police have the right to seize powerful laser-pointers if the user does not have a license.

The father in the Swedish family had bought the laser-pointer for his son during a previous trip to Thailand. And his son was happy with the gift, which he thought was cool.

The son’s laser-pointer appeared to belong to Class 3, which is stronger than the laser-pointer normally used in classrooms.

The prohibition of strong laser-pointers came after several Swedes, including two policemen in southern Sweden, have been deliberately exposed to radiation which can cause permanent eye damage.

The father admitted the crime during police questioning, explaining that he was prepared to accept a criminal indictment. However an assistant prosecutor in the North Local Public Prosecution Office in Stockholm decided that the crime was so serious that it must go to trial.

On Thursday The Public Prosecution Office submitted an application for a summons against the man at Linköping District Court. He is now suspected of crimes against the Radiation Protection Act.

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