Denmark to Boost Jakarta Embassy Security After Alleged Plot

Denmark will increase security at its embassy in Jakarta in the wake of a raid by Indonesian police that foiled a terrorist plot, the Danish foreign minister said Thursday.


“Extremists will not succeed in making us leave,” Lene Espersen told Danish television station TV2 News.


“We are staying and we will ensure good security” at the embassy, said the mini.


“There is no doubt that there is a growing focus on Denmark, and also other Western embassies in the world, which forces us to reinforce our security in our embassies, notably in Islamabad”, said the minister, citing an Al-Qaeda attack in June 2008 that killed eight people.


Documents found Wednesday during a raid on an Islamic network revealed a plan to attack the Danish embassy in Jakarta, according to Indonesia’s anti-terror chief Ansyaad Mbai.


Mbai said police would examine the documents, and said they were likely linked to the 2005 publication of cartoons depicting Mohammed in a Danish newspaper.


The cartoons prompted protests in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim country, and the Danish ambassador was forced to temporarily leave the country after receiving death threats.


The minister said Danish intelligence service PET would take “new measures to ensure adequate security of personnel” at the embassy in Jakarta.


PET chief Jakob Scharf said intelligence officers were on their way to Jakarta to assist Indonesian authorities with their enquiry.


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