New Meeting Place for Students

A new joint venture between Fudan University and 25 Nordic universities facilitates opportunities for Sino-Nordic student networking and research cooperation.

A pleasant surprise awaits Nordic students who come to Shanghai and Fudan University in 2010: a brand new home with facilities for teaching and research; a luxurious library and a ‘student lounge’ – there is even an outside wooden terrace for coffee breaks in the sun. It is the new Nordic Centre building at Fudan University Main Campus. It will be the ‘home away from home’ for students from the Centre’s Nordic Member Universities and at the service of Chinese students with an interest in the Nordic countries.

Fudan University is one of China’s best universities and also one of the most internationalized with more than 3000 foreign students enrolled every term. Last semester, 80 of these came from the Nordic counties. From 2010 and onwards these Nordic students can enjoy the benefits of the new Nordic Centre building including the ‘student lounge’, the new library and its working facilities.

Chinese students with an interest in the Nordic counties and Nordic universities can also use the centre for retrieving information about exchange possibilities and scholarships as well as get a taste of the Nordic countries by participating in the many academic and cultural activities organized by the Nordic Centre.

According to Chen Yinzhang, Executive Director at the Nordic Centre, the new building will have an important role to play as a Nordic ‘outpost’ where students can work and meet fellow students:

“In the future, the Nordic Centre on one hand is an obvious entry point for Nordic students coming to Fudan – a place where they can get an introduction, from a Nordic perspective, to life on campus at one of China’s best universities.

For Chinese students, on the other hand, it’s a first glimpse of Scandinavia before going to a Nordic university on exchange. We would, for instance, like to prepare them for their trip to Scandinavia by hosting information meetings and team them up with Nordic students at Fudan. In other words, the new building will be a natural hub for Chinese students going abroad and Nordic students coming here.”

The Nordic Centre is a joint venture between Fudan University and 25 Nordic universities and research institutions to facilitate research cooperation, students exchange and collaboration with Shanghai based Nordic companies and national representations.

For more information and interviews please contact: Martin Bech, Programme Manager, Nordic Centre: +86 139 1703 4050.


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