Chinese Winners Leave for Danish Fairytale Trip

Mr. Dou Shengzhi who works in the administration of Huabei Oilfield in Hebei and Ms. Sheng Jie who is a newly MA university graduate in Regional Economics from Qingdao Maritime University, answered correctly to questions about Denmark and then won first prize in the contest ”Knowing Denmark is Rewarding”. Yesterday they left for a week-long tourist trip to Denmark.

Meeting the people in the country of fairytales
“I look forward to meeting the Danish people”, says Ms. Sheng and points out that everything about the fairytale country Denmark is interesting to her. For Mr. Dou, the fairytales of the famous Hans Christian Andersen have made a big impression on him through his whole life and he was thus very excited to see the statue of the Little Mermaid when he visited the Danish Pavilion at the world EXPO in Shanghai this spring.

During their trip, the two lucky winners will experience their very own fairytale in Denmark – the world’s oldest Kingdom. They will walk the aisles of historic Danish castles, see the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen and visit small fairytale towns in the green countryside.

Bike rides and green public transportation
In Denmark – known as “a nation of cyclists” – the winners will also go on an untraditional bike ride together with Director of the Danish Bicycling Federation, Jens Toft Rasmussen. Paying a visit to the small carbon neutral island Samsoe, Mr. Dou and Ms. Sheng will have the chance to enjoy the green Danish countryside by bike. When travelling around Denmark, Mr. Dou and Ms. Sheng will travel by trains, busses and ferries that link the Danish mainland and islands together in a green and sustainable public transport system.

You are what you eat – green and organic
Denmark has a strong tradition for organic dairy and fresh produce. When not on the move, the two winners will dine in some of the many Danish restaurants, famous for their use of fresh ingredients and for the great variety of delicate seafood. The winners will also have the chance to get a taste of history when trying some of the traditional Danish beer recipes that have been known since the Viking age.

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