Finnish Clean Technology is Coming to Vietnam

Na Duong power plant in Vietnam is a good example of what can be done with new Finnish clean technologies. To further introduce the Finnish know-how on clean techonologies to the Vietnamese market A Finnish Cleantech® seminar is planned to be held on September 7 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Two 30 m high boilers transform the coal to energy in a cost efficient and environment friendly process

In Vietnam there is an emerging need for innovative technologies for clean environment. Lack of energy calls for more efficient processes. Damage to the nature has been caused by old and cheap technologies or processes. Consequently, there is an urgent need for change in attitudes and to change the cheapest technologies to long term economic solutions, that are also sustainable.

Na Duong Power plant, part of the state-owned Vinacomin enterprise, is the first coal fired power plant using Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) technology in Vietnam. The plant is located approximately 200 km North of Hanoi in Loc Binh District, Lang Son Province.
The plant Manager of the Na Duong power plant proudly presents the efficient processes

This Finnish technology used at the Na Duong power plant and represented in Vietnam by the Foster Wheeler group, uses the coal as many times as possible leaving less waste than more traditional technologies. At the same time, the environmental hazards such as sulphurdioxides and nitric oxides are absorbed during the process using for instance lime stone. The nominal emission is far below national and regional standards.

The plant started commercially operation in 2005. The plant equipped with 2 x 50 MW CFB boilers have contributed to the national grid more than 700 million KWh electricity and have consumed more than 600 thousand tones of lignite coal of Na Duong coal mine every year.
One of the worst quality coals in Vietnam gives good efficiency and far below the standard emissions thanks to Finnish boiler technology

The coal that the plant uses is exploited from Na Duong open pit mine and is among the worst quality coals in Vietnam with low calorie, high sulfur, high ash content, and high ignitability. Thanks to the CFB technology, the power plant has created a new life for Na Duong coal mine, which was planned to close due to low production.

The Government of Vietnam has approved Vinacomin’s plan to double the capacity of Na Duong power plant by adding a new unit with capacity of 100 MWe CFB technology to existing power plant. The second phase will be put into operation in 2012.
Finns and the environment friendly technologies
We all want to preserve the beautiful and clean Vietnam

The limited natural resources coupled with extremely challenging climate have forced the Finns over time to adapt to low use of energy and energy efficiency. Consequently, the production processes in the cold northern county have been maximized to use as little raw materials as possible to find the most cost efficient processes. Still Finland has coupled economic growth with sustainable development. This is the know-how that Cleantech Finland has to offer to countries like Vietnam.

Finnish Cleantech will be presented at a Cleantech forum on Tuesday 7 September 2010 in HCMC.


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