Norwegian Firm Seeks Digital Niche

Vizrt, a digital content and real-time computer graphics production company from Norway, plans to use Thailand as its production base to develop software after seeing high potential to grow in the broadcasting business in Asia.

CEO Martin Burkhalter said new media in Asia including Thailand were growing rapidly, leading to high demand for software to accommodate digital content.

As well, the TV industry in many Asia countries has become more liberalised and advanced. The proliferation of satellite channels in Thailand since the passage of a new broadcasting law two years ago is a good example. In India, meanwhile, 115 news agencies have begun operating in the past two years.

Mr Burkhalter forecast that intelligent TV, which integrates television and computer technologies, will emerge in Asia over the next five years.

Korean and Japanese manufacturers are now developing intelligent TV technology, which will transform broadcasting signals from analogue to digital.

“We aim to serve the booming digital media, both cable and satellite TV, and export software produced here to 88 countries,” Mr Burkhalter said.

Vizrt has 36 offices worldwide and major customers include CNN, BBC, Fox News, Aljazeera, NHK, and CCTV.

Vizrt was established in Thailand in 2007 with a total investment in digital systems of US$1 million, which rose to $4.1 million in 2008 and $8.3 million last year. It expects the figure will increase more than 20% this year.

This year, its focus will be on management systems, information storage and integration for many channels.


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