Finland Upgrades the Expo Online

Finland pavilion Kirnu (Giant’s Kettle in English) is one of the most innovative pavilions at the Shanghai World Expo 2010. Internet surfers may now get a closer look at the Finnish pavilion on the Expo Online website  with the aid of ‘experiencing pavilion’ -features published today at the opening ceremony of the Expo Online Exhibition. Expo Online is an interactive website introducing pavilions in the Shanghai World Expo 2010 especially to those who have interest in them, but are unable to visit the pavilions.
The incentive behind Finland’s decision to upgrade the status of the Expo Online service from a browsing pavilion to the so-called experiencing pavilion is to better serve those interested in getting to know Finland and the Finnish pavilion. The website functions as the introductory channel and as an extension and supplement of the real pavilions. The upgrade was published at the Opening ceremony of A Closer Look at Expo Shanghai Online Exhibition, an exhibition held at Expo Press Centre Exhibition Hall from 23rd July to 5th August.
The ‘experiencing pavilion’ has various new interactive elements compared to the before-existed browsing pavilion. The web-browsers can visit the exact replica of the Finland pavilion online. It is possible to explore panorama views of all three floors of the pavilion – including the VIP floor and sauna, areas normally reserved for partners and their guests only. By clicking the exhibition items inside the online pavilion, web surfers can find out many details about the exhibits and their origins.
The Finland experiencing pavilion gives visitors the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Finnish way of life. All products presented are from Finland and reflective of the Finnish lifestyle. The pavilion’s special architecture, design, eco-efficient solutions, partners, high technology and Finnish values and character is at everybody’s’ reach.
The experiencing pavilion published today is at the moment available only in Chinese. Later on, the services will be extended to include an English version as well as interactive games, Q&A and videos about Finland and the Finnish way of life. Finnish Expo events will also have their own forum at the Expo Online.
The Deputy Commissioner General of Finland pavilion, Mr. Mikko Puustinen opened the Expo Online Exhibition and congratulated the organizer for the visionary Expo Online services for the Expo.

– Expo Online is a revolutionary way to help people around the world to understand the importance of the World Expo. In the other hand it supports the Finnish theme Sharing Inspiration in a truly innovative way.

– We are also pleased to announce that the co-operation with the Expo Online will continue in the future: every week about 10 “online lucky draw” winners are chosen from the Expo Online site. They will be granted a VIP easy access without queuing and a guided tour at Finland pavilion, Puustinen continued.

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