Denied Access to the Sweden Pavilion

After three months some of the World Expo’s security guards and armed police finally got to see why millions of people are coming to see the world fair.

The Shanghai Pavilion yesterday, which was Army Day, invited 20 guards and armed police to visit some pavilions, including the United States, Norway and Sweden.

The soldiers ran around the Expo site like children in spite of the scorching sun, said Min Hang, the leader of the armed police team.

The soldiers, all around 23 years old, wanted to take a slide in the Sweden Pavilion but were not allowed because they hadn’t made a reservation, Min said.

“We have been excited since last night because we have only seen the exterior of the pavilions and have kept dreaming about the exhibitions inside,” said Wu Zhe, 23, who works at the No.5 Gate.

The soldiers ironed their clothes for the trip after they finished work the previous night, said Huang Tao, Wu’s squad leader.


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