Missing Thai Berry Picker Found Dead

A 38-year-old Thai man who was in Finland to earn money picking berries, was found dead in a forest in Salla in the east of Lapland on Thursday, after being missing for two and a half weeks. No crime appeared to be involved in the death.

Police investigator Olli Murtola said that the deceased had appeared to have been dead for a longer period of time. The cause of death remains unknown, pending a forensic autopsy.
There are no cliffs or other high places near the place where the body was found, which would seem to rule out a fall as the cause of death.
The body showed signs or external damage, which was probably caused by animals, and may have been inflicted post-mortem. Police resumed the search for the man on Wednesday after a woolen cap was found in the yard of a house.
“We assume that the cap belonged to the missing man. We also assume that a dog had brought the cap from the forest into the yard”, Murtola said.
The body was found by soldiers a short distance from the road between Salla and Kemijärvi. It was located three kilometres from where he had gone missing.
“The terrain has plenty of brush. One had to look very carefully to see the body”, Murtola says.
The man disappeared on the 26th of July after picking berries for three days.
He was last seen at 9:00 PM on the side of the road waiting for a ride to his lodgings near the village of Kursu. He was in telephone contact with the pickers’ liaison before 9:30, after which his mobile telephone went silent.
“We are still trying to clarify the course of events and make a more precise time line. We are also interested in finding out what route the man took”, Murtola says.


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