China and Norway Agrees on Biggest Industry Cooperation Ever

Norwegian Scatec Solar have entered into an agreement to build solar cell parks in five Chinese provinces with a combined capacity of 2,500 MW. The project has an estimated value of 40 billion Norwegian Kroner making it the industrial agreement between Norway and China ever seen.

When Director of Scatec Solar, Raymond Carlsen, signed the contract with China’s second biggest energy company, Datang Renewable Corp, at the Expo 2010 in Shanghai, it was witnessed by Norwegian Minister of Trade, Trond Giske.

The solar parks will be built stepwise towards 2016 in close cooperation with Chinese company Sanhe Group, while the second biggest energy company in China, Datang Renewable Corp has committed as to purchasing the power.

In an effort to fight the heavy pollution from the Chinese industry, the government in China has put a lot of focus on solar power, but needs the experience in building the facilities. This is where Scatec Solar come in to the picture.

It is our huge competence and experience in this field that has secured this agreement. It is so valuable and essential to the Chinese,” says Sven Røst, Vice President of Communications.”

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