Cozy Dancham Networking at New Venue

On Wednesday, the Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce met for the monthly networking evening in Bangkok.

Free beer, finger food, and soft drinks were given to the around 60 people who joined the event. There was a great buzz and a vibe of cozyness.

It has been a while since so many has turned up for one of the chamber’s networking events.

“I think the change of venue is the reason why so many people are here today,” Jacob Bojsen from the newly started Asia Safe Tech said. That statement was confirmed by several of the night’s participants.

The evening was also characterised by many new faces in the chamber.

The Danish embassy in Bangkok introduced two of their three new interns, while the Danish Chamber of Commerce’s new intern, Anne Groth Katballe, also was present along with several other new interns from members of Dancham.

Several newly started companies were present too.

“I’ve been here for a little more than one year, and now I am about to launch a new web-based company here in Bangkok. So that is exciting,” said Swedish Victoria Svederberg, who hopes to have her new firm up-and-running from the end of September.

After a couple of hours of chit-chatting, reuniting, and new acquaintances, the event was over. If you missed it, the next meeting is scheduled for September 15.

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