Saving Indonesian CDM Project

Through the B2B Environment Programme, The Royal Danish Embassy in Jakarta has enabled a Danish specialist company to transfer some of its proprietary technology to help an Indonesian engineering company get back on track with its commitment to deliver over 50,000 tons of UN-endorsed carbon credits per project site.

PT Gikoko Kogyo Indonesia (Gikoko) has BOT and BOO concessions with four municipalities (Pontianak, Bekasi, Palembang and Makassar) and the projects were registered by the UNFCCC for over two years. The UNFCCC is authorised to transform the Emission Reduction resulting from destruction of methane gas contained in landfill gas (LFG) into a Climate Change mitigation commodity called Certified Emission Reduction (CER), mainly to be exported to Europe.

Gikoko initially implemented the design for a LFG extraction system from an international consultant, but the performance was disappointing due to high rainfall in the tropical Indonesia and inadequate infrastructure facilities at the landfills.

Through the matchmaking process assisted by the Embassy, Gikoko got in touch with GasCon ApS. The company has great expertise in biogas technology and is responsible for the design and operation of two successful LFG CDM projects in Indonesia’s neighbouring countries. With this expertise on hand, GasCon is well-placed to help Gikoko address its current problems.

The DKK 900,000 (IDR 1.4 billion) grant support committed by the Royal Danish Embassy in Jakarta has enabled Gascon to perform due diligence, design and training programmes in classroom and on the landfill sites, including a demonstration extraction line. The result is already felt by Gikoko. Since the Pilot Phase project was approved four months ago in May 2010, the performance of the Bekasi landfill has already increased significantly. Gikoko is now replicating the design and operational know how into all of its landfill projects in other cities.

With its expertise in landfill gas and biogas to match the need and potentials in Indonesia’s waste and wastewater sector, GasCon is seeking to enter into a joint-venture agreement with Gikoko, a local company with a long experience in this sector.

If you are interested in how we can support your company to explore long-term partnership in the environment sector like PT Gikoko Kogyo Indonesia and GasCon ApS, please send an email to Anjelita Malik:


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