Crown Prince Visits Danish Seamen’s Church

The church celebrating its 25th anniversary had been beatifully restored and painted for the big day, a thing made possible by many benevolent sponsors.

And many Danes had showned up for the reception, so many infact, that the 330 invitations was swiped away in a few days when “put on the market”.

Crown Prince Frederik was in the best of moods from the begging of his arrival untill he once again sat in the car, plastered with youth olympic bumper stickers, and drove away.

“Do you girls remember to drink lots of water in this heat?”, His Royal Highness asked the younger generation at the church, making it a rememberal day for both young and old.  

And indeed it was hot at the top of Mount Faber in Singapore, where the Seamen’s church it wonderfully situated. But people seemed to forget the heat as Crown Prince Frederik more than willingly had a chit chat and a picture taken with who ever had the nerves to approch the royalty.

“This has been an absolutely fantastic day. Everything worked according to schedule, and the Crown Prince won us all over, but now I’m tired,” Priest at the Seamen’s Church, Ronald Pedersen said after the reception.

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