Swedes Cast Their Votes for Freedom in Thailand

Led by a hard working Swedish entrepreneur, Bert Fagrell who lives in Sri Racha, eight members of the Swedish Freedom Party went from Chonburi to their embassy in Bangkok, to cast their votes in the Swedish election to the parliament.


The Freedom Party, (Frihetspartiet), was originally started to take care of the bikers and their bikes in Sweden, but now they have a full program, covering all corners of challenges in a welfare society.


”No. We did not go by bikes. It was raining, and the traffic in Bangkok doesn’t make it nice for a biking trip. We went by minibus all eight of us”, says Bert Fagrell, who support the Freedomsparty´s program.


He has never been active in Swedish politics before, but maybe he would have been involved, if the political environment had taken bikers and their problems serious when he lived in Sweden.

Bert Fagrell came to Thailand around 20 years ago. As a start he lived in Bangkok where he started Promech Resourches, together with an English partner, selling and leasing out machinery to the construction business in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

Despite a busy day with the company, the challenges to organize a branch of the Freedomparty in Thailand were too much to resist.

”We have only been active a very short time, and if you have that in mind, I am very pleased with what we have archived until now”, says the Swede who underlines the fact that he is only the contact person for an informal group of Swedish voters with one thing in common, an eager support for bikers, bikes and not the least, the Swedish bikers own party.


“I am sort of a contact person. If anyone wants to now anything about our party, they can call me, and I will help them as much as I can”, Bert Fargell says.

Many Swedish people live in Thailand for shorter or long term, and the Swedish entrepreneur is in no doubt that more people will join his informal group.

So who knows, maybe much more people will join Bert and his seven other Freedom sympathizers next time the voting duty is honking.

The eight voters wasn’t able to find some proper Swedish food in Bangkok, so instead, after voting Swedish, the eight bikers took their freedom to chose to have lunch at the Danish The Stable Lodge in Sukhumvit Soi Eight.

”We had a wonderful lunch, Danes can just make the most wonderful food, we left very happy”, explains Bert Fagrell, who voted twice last Friday, first for the biker, and then for the Danish “smørrebrød” (open sandwich).

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