Denmark and China Sign New Food Agrement

Today, The Danish Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Henrik Høegh, met with his Chinese counterpart, Vice Minister Pu Changcheng, to discuss, among other things, food safety and Danish-Chinese trade with pork.

The Danish Minister and the Chinese Vice Minister met in Shanghai to discuss the possibility of a greater opening of the Chinese market to foreign pork. Pork is one of Denmark’s biggest exports and an agreement will increase Danish export opportunities to China. Furthermore, the Danish, Chinese and Finnish Ministers opened a conference in Shanghai focusing on food safety.

At the conclusion of their meeting, Mr. Henrik Høegh and Mr. Pu Changcheng signed an agreement, which clears the way for trade with highly processed pork products. Seeing as Denmark has a large production of pork products and China has a great demand for them, this agreement is important to both countries.

”For a long time, Denmark has successfully delivered pork products, which are sought after in the Chinese market. Now, it appears that an opening of the Chinese market will make way for even more slaughterhouses, selling their products to the Chinese market,” said Mr. Henrik Høegh.

The Danish Minister, Henrik Høegh, has been in China since August 26th and besides the meeting with Vice Minister Pu Changcheng, he has also visited EXPO 2010 and the province Nanjing, to see the Nanjing Memorial Hall and the Nanjing University of Agriculture. The Minister’s visit in China ends today.


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