Open House at the Nearly Danish Club on Friday

Today, The British Club in Bangkok is an international club with members from more than 40 different nationalities.

According to the club, far to few Scandinavians are aware that they can be members. Therefore, the club now wants to show the expats in Bangkok what they are missing out on by having an open house with live music (Bangkok Soul Revue), free finger food and canapés, and cheap prizes on beverages. The party starts at 18.00 (6pm).

The club is regarded af “nearly Danish” because of the original founder, Aage Westenholz, was a Danish engineering graduate who arrived at Krung Thep (Bangkok) to found a tramway company in 1886.

A few years later, after service in the Siamese Army, he took over as manager of the Danish owned Siam Electric Company. At some point he purchased land at 187 Suriwongse Road, where he founded the Bangkok Tennis Club.

Westenholz left in 1919, just before the Danes sold out the Belgians. But the Siam Electric Company sold their tennis club to its neighbours – the British Club Bangkok.

The old tennis club is now home for two swimming pools, squash courts, fitness centre, and of course its tennis courts.

If you want to check out the “nearly” Danish Club on Friday September 10, then go to:

189 Suriwongse Road, Bangkok 10500. The club be accessed via Silom 18 or Suriwongse. In the rush hour coming from Sukhumwit it is strongly recommended to come via the Suriwongse Rd.

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