First Danish travel agency offers trips to Myanmar


Despite of the developments in Myanmar the past few years, the country is still not something most Danes consider when they are planning their next summer holiday. Danish Star Tours is now looking to change that. As the first Danish travel agency they have decided to expand their offers, now covering the previous military regime.

The direct flights from Copenhagen will take off every Saturday with Thai Airways.

“Myanmar is a whole new tourist destination and it is a country that attracts the ones who are curious and wish to experience something new and different. For the pioneers, if you will. The country has been closed and they are very interested in developing tourism and infrastructure, but they are still in the start-up phase. In Myanmar you will have the opportunity to explore one of the world’s few unknown areas,” said Director of Sales at Star Tour, Stig Elling.

To begin with, Star Tour is expecting to send 400-600 Danes to Myanmar in the coming winter season.

”In the long run Myanmar can end up becoming a competitor to Thailand, which keeps attracting tourists from Russia, China and Japan. We need to find something completely new. We are giving Myanmar a go during the coming winter to see the reactions of the travelers,” said Stig Elling.

The travel agency started looking at Myanmar as a possible destination two years ago when Aung San Suu Kyi said that she welcomed tourists to the country. The notorious isolation from the rest of the world means that the country has escaped globalization and the country offers original culture, customs and beautiful beaches.

Stig Elling of Star Tours believes that it is possible to help the locals by booking a flight to Myanmar.

“Tourism will contribute to the economy and help the development of a poor country. Our itinerary is made in respect of the people and is still in a small scale. We only use private hotels in the town of Ngapali,” he assures.


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