Johan Winlof’s Wife Held in Custody

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Khun Ornanong Winlof, the wife of the 45 year old Swedish businessman Johan Winlof, whom she incidentally stabbed to death on 1st September, is held in custody while the police are investigating the incident further, says Police Lieutenant General Kookiat Chanphum who is in charge of the investigation.

At the crime scene, the 6th floor of DRN Mansion in Ekamai soi 30, the police found Johan Winlof’s dead body with stab wounds on the left chest side lying down on the ground next to his white Toyota. He was wearing short pants and no shirt.

On the night of the incident, Khun Ornanong Winlof, 37 year old, admitted to the police that she had stabbed her Swedish husband. She was very angry and uncontrollable because of their constant arguments. She stabbed him with a knife before trying to take him to hospital but she could not carry his big body. He was dead at the spot.

Winlof’s body is kept by the Institute of Forensic Medicine Police General for further investigation.

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