Danish Minister Visit Expo and Hong Kong

On September 12 to 15 Denmark’s Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation, Ms. Charlotte Sahl-Madsen, will visit Shanghai and Hong Kong. The purpose is to maintain the good relationship and focus on future areas of cooperation between China and Denmark.

“Today we experience how China no longer only takes part in the production of goods build on European ideas. More and more knowledge intensive workplaces are moving to China and Asia. That is why we wish to be very visible and approachable in China,” says Charlotte Sahl-Madsen.

The Danish Ministry for Science, Technology and Innovation has long had a good dialogue with China and in 2008 drew up a strategy for cooperation within education, research and innovation – most recently shown in the agreement to make a Sino-Danish university centre in Beijing giving Danish scientists and students the opportunity to study in China. Furthermore, during the Minister’s visit to the Danish EXPO-pavilion in Shanghai several events will highlight the many possibilities of studying and working in Denmark.

“It is our expectation that China and India and not the EU and the United States soon will lead the field of science. For Denmark to retain its competitiveness in a globalized world it is paramount that we succeed in attracting scholars and a highly qualified workforce from these new knowledge centres. And that we are present in China,” says Charlotte Sahl-Madsen.

In Hong Kong the Minister will visit Hong kong Science Park and the electric car producer MyCar, which recently started cooperating with the Danish island Bornholm where the electric car will be tested.

In addition, the Minister’s visit will focus on Danish companies’ opportunities to do business in China. At the EXPO exhibition the Minister will participate in the presentation of Villawat – a Danish example of how new technology can help reduce energy consumption in buildings.


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